Infernäl Mäjesty

No God

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14th April 2017
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High Roller Records
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Besides Razor and Annihilator, the other rather famous eighties Canadian thrash band is Infernäl Mäjesty. Their first album, None Shall Defy, is a real cult classic, and the follow up, Unholier Than Thou, is also a great release. This fourth album (in 2004 they released One Who Points To Death) took a long time to write and to release. The title No God says enough about the lot of the lyrics and if we look at today’s world, it certainly would have been a better place if no one would believe in a God or other supernatural creatures. We all are responsible for our own decisions, and that’s what this album is about.

Like on their debut, the music again has a very dark atmosphere and cannot be compared with the Bay Area thrash style. The thrash is evil and breathes darkness and does indeed remind me of Infernäl Mäjesty’s early albums. Perhaps it will not have the same impact as the first album, but that doesn’t make it worse. If this have been the debut it would have made the same impact. Christopher still has the same raspy recognizable sound and the new rhythm section fits like a glove. The songs are quite long for what we are used to from the general thrash band. Sometimes that means that they bore after a while, but I could not catch myself on that. The bigger part of the songs have a nice catchy rhythm like the opening track. Another strong point is that they add lots of melody and tempo changes in the music, the title track is a good example. I can’t find a bad song, and enjoy this album a lot. This is a welcome thrash album sounding a bit darker and blacker than the stuff released in the last 3 months.

Infernäl Mäjesty are back, and let’s hope that they will make Europe unsafe very soon.


01. Enter the World Of the Undead
02. In God You Trust
03. Signs Of Evil
04. Another Day In Hell
05. Kingdom Of Heaven
06. No God
07. False Flag
08. Nation Of Assaassins
09. House Of War
10. Systematical Extermination
11. Extinction Level Event

Playing Time: 61:00

Christopher Bailey - vocals
Kenny Hallman - guitar
Steve Terror - guitar
Daniel Nargang - bass
Kiel Wilson - drums

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