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21st April 2018
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The Artisan Era
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Inferi, as I’ve read it, “took the world by storm with their critically acclaimed 2014 breakout hit, The Path of Apotheosis“. Unfortunately for me, I was not aware of their existence at the time and was perhaps skeptical of the idea that there are still thriving melodic death metal bands out there. I decided to review the band with the melodic death -tag in mind because that’s what it said in the description. In retrospect, after listening to “Revenant“, of course it should have contained the word “technical” there as well. So to my initial mindset, I thought, there hasn’t really been many melo-death bands that have made me enthusiastic about the genre in the past five years or so. Fortunately for me, Inferi entered my radar recently and boy am I glad to be proven wrong. Listening to this album is like a journey through a maze of the subtle and immersive complexities of a great symphony. It’s full of immense energy from beginning to end!

As a long time proponent of Scandinavian death metal, Inferi‘s sound is familiar yet highly atypical to me. With the way their tonality surges in and out amidst this sort of finely tuned chaos, I’d say “Revenant” bolsters upon the foundation of melodic death by giving it an enticing and fresh new face. As I rummaged through this memento of theirs, I’ve realized that their compositions were not only melodic by nature. Their music is often accompanied by highly technical passages with sparing use of powerful symphonic sounds, all implemented to create great depth and dramatic effects resulting in a massive odyssey that was deliberately designed to deliver a stunning blow to my poor and unsuspecting eardrums. I’m inclined to say that “Revenant” is beautifully chaotic and possesses a mesmerizing softness to it; Each song progressively embellished leading to engrossing stories that remain impressionable all throughout. This is especially true in the case of “Thy Menacing Gaze” – simply one of the best tracks on the album!

According to the band, they’ve set the bar even higher for themselves than they previously have. I believe that bar was set higher not only for the band but also for the whole camp of melodic death acts in general – Inferi has ignited a new flame into the heart of a genre that has been stale at best after its successful run of the 90s and as a result, they have definitely earned their domain on my catalogue of bands. So take a breather and strap in for a mind-bending journey because “Revenant” will undoubtedly shake you out of your melo-death boredom.


01. Within the Dead Horizon (05:41)
02. Condemned Assailant (06:25)
03. A Beckoning Thrall (05:34)
04. Through the Depths (05:41)
05. Enraged and Drowning Sullen (05:49)
06. Thy Menacing Gaze (06:23)
07. Malevolent Sanction (08:53)
08. Smolder in the Ash (05:41)
09. Behold the Bearer of Light (06:31)

Playing Time: 56:38

Jack Blackburn - Drums
Malcolm Pugh - Guitars, Orchestral arrangements
Sam Schneider - Vocals
Joel Schwallier - Bass

Mike Low Guitars

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