Follow Me: Kill!

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15th September 2017
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Metal Blade Records
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Yes! Just in time for the deadline I finished this review. When you are very busy with the job that pays the bills, the hobby is less important, but I needed to review this album before or on the release date. German thrash combo Cripper release(d) their fifth album and it is their most mature and best sounding release to date. The bigger part of the thrash bands have an aggressive harsh vocalist, Cripper is different because of the more growling and grunting singing style of Britta Görtz. Combined with the fast grooving thrash, Follow Me: Kill! sounds very brutal and heavy.

Compared to their earlier albums, there are more slower songs like ‘World Coming Down’ on the album. The second part of the song made me think a bit of the band Morgoth (Odium period). The band also experiments with more atmospheric and clean singing parts. The longer tracks like ‘Running High’ and ‘Comatose’ are examples. They have a lot of variety and quite a different, not typical thrash, style. I am not sure if the die-hard thrash fan will be very happy with these songs. One thing is sure, the album is much more interesting because of these slight style changes. Lucky enough for the thrash fan, the bigger part of the songs are still aggressive, fast, and with interesting riffs in typical Cripper style.

With Follow Me:Kill!, the band took another step in their musical development, along with adding a couple of songs with an almost psychedelic approach.  Interesting!


01. Pressure 4:35
02. Into The Fire 5:26
03. World Coming Down 6:26
04. Mother 4:49
05. Shoot Or Get Shot 4:51
06. Bleeding Red 4:37
07. Comatose 7:16
08. Pretty Young Thing 5:15
09. Running High 8:45
10. Menetekel 4:33

Playing Time: 56:00

Britta Görtz - vocals
Christian Bröhenhorst - guitar
Jonathan Stenger - guitar
Lommer - bass
Dennis Weber - drums

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