Instruction For Destruction

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7th April 2017
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First of all, this is my first meeting with this Swiss thrash band. Therefore, I missed their debut album Return to the Wasteland. The first heavy tunes immediately gave me an old school feeling, and that is what the band serves from now on.

The opener is one of the stronger tracks, and the music reminds me of Megadeth, Testament, Kreator, Metallica and bands like that. Technical riffs, nice dual guitar work, interesting gang shouting vocal parts, and nice solos accompanied by tight drums and galloping riffs. In general, the ingredients are there to make this a top thrash album. I only have two little problems with the band. First, it is the originality. Somehow the songs sound a bit too much thirteen in a dozen for me. I know there are more bands that play the same style their big influences do, but I have been listening to the new albums of Warbringer, Harlott, and Havok lately and compared with them, Comaniac is just not yet on the same level. The second thing I have to get used to are the vocals. Jonas Schmid has an original style, but you either hate them or love them I guess. At the moment, I am not yet convinced. He shouts and screams in his own typical style and with a little German sounding accent, but that is not irritating to me. There is enough variety in speed and the band can write rather interesting songs, but still a little bit too average. My favorites are ‘Coal,’ ‘Heart of Stone,’ and the title track.

My advice is to check out the band, and if you like the vocals, you can add one devil to the rating.


01. Coal
02. Suborned
03. Bow Low
04. Guarding Ruins
05. How To End It All
06. Self Control
07. Shattered
08. Heart Of Stone
09. Forever More
10. Instruction For Destruction

Playing Time: 47:00

Jonas Schmid - Vocals/Guitar
Valentin Mössinger - Guitar
Raymond Weibel - Bass
Stefan Häberli - Drums

Reinier de Vries
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