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Damnation Plan – Reality Illusion

While we are waiting for Jari & Co. to complete the build of their new Wintersun headquarters up in the cold white north of Finland, why not spent your time wisely in the company of [Read »]

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All But One – Square One

A band (started as a project) with members of Alestorm, Heaven Shall Burn and When Our Time Comes.  Looking at the bands you perhaps expect some brutal metalcore with pirate influences. Well there are metalcore parts [Read »]

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Distillator – Summoning The Malicious

Fans of eighties thrash have another (new) band they will enjoy. Dutch three piece Distillator (derivative of to distill beer) release their second full-length called Summoning the Malicious. Their debut Revolutionary Cells (2015) already was a fine [Read »]

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Cryonic Temple – Into the Glorious Battle

This is the fifth release of Cryonic Temple in 15 years. It looks like a frequent release pattern, but it isn’t. Between their last album Immortal (2008), and this new album, Into the Glorious Battle, is a [Read »]

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Eclipse – Monumentum

Erik Mårtensson is one the premiere song writers and producers in the hard rock world these days, and he has worked on numerous first class hard rock releases. However, his number one project has always been [Read »]

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Lionville – A World of Fools

Five years have passed since their last album, and the line-up is not the same any longer, but that doesn’t seem to matter, because Lionville are still waving the AOR flag high. Founder, songwriter, and [Read »]

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One Desire – One Desire

One Desire has some connections to Sturm und Drang. While the former is your basic power metal band with a few hard rock influences, it’s the other way around on One Desire’s self-titled debut album. [Read »]

Album of the Month

Fractal Universe – Engram of Decline

For a debut album “Engram of Decline” by the French metallers of Fractal Universe is beyond impressive. Then again it seems as if these guys have honed their songwriting since their very first release and [Read »]

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Damnations Day – A World Awakens

After my Harlott review, I again have a band from Down Under. These Aussies released their second album, and it is one that strokes my ears. With Mark Kennedy, Damnations Day have an excellent singer [Read »]

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Nervochaos – Nyctophilia

When I found a bunch of cd’s in the mail, sent by one of my review colleagues, this album of Nervochaos wasn’t the first that I payed attention to. The dark blue-ish cover artwork with [Read »]