Chris Galea

Role: Writer
Nationality: Maltese
Lives in: Malta/UK
YoB: 1971
Favourite genres: Music!

Haydee G.

Role: Youtube channel admin/News editor/Writer
Nationality: American
Lives in: Hawaii/Finland
YoB: 1988
Favourite genres: Progressive, Shred Melodic/Symphonic Black, Melodic/Technical Death, Power, Heavy Metal

Jordan Mcevoy


Role: Writer
Nationality: British
Lives in: England
YoB: 1996
Favourite genres: Doom/stoner, atmospheric black metal/DSBM, slam, melodic death metal

Kenn Jensen

Role: Writer
Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Horsens, Denmark
YoB: 1968
Favourite genres: Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal, Hard Rock

Liam Savage


Role: Writer
Nationality: Canadian
Lives in: Toronto, Canada
YoB: 1978
Favourite genres: Progressive Metal, Technical, Death, Power, Folk, Experimental and more

Markus Falkenberg

Role: Writer
Nationality: German
Lives in: Cologne, Germany
YoB: Secret
Favourite genres: Heavy Metal, Thrash, Melodic Death

Matt Fabi

Role: Writer
Nationality: Italian/British
Lives in: Bury St. Edmonds, UK
YoB: 1981
Favourite genres: Thrash, heavy metal

RaVen Richards

Role: Writer
Nationality: American
Lives in: Butte, Montana, USA
YoB: 1966
Favourite genres: Stoner, Doom, Symphonic

Reinier de Vries

Role: Writer
Nationality: Dutch
Lives in: Sneek, The Netherlands
YoB: 1969
Favourite genres: Thrash, speed, Death, Power Metal

Thomas Nielsen

Role: Live reviewer/News editor
Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Silkeborg, Denmark
YoB: 1972
Favourite genres: Thrash, Speed, Death, Doom, Heavy Metal

Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Role: Writer/Tech-Wiz
Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Copenhagen, Denmark
YoB: 1977
Favourite genres:  Progressive Metal, Melodic Death

Guest Writers

Besides our regular writers, Philippe Leconte and Jørgen Ditlev help us out as guest writers.


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