Want to be a writer for The Power Of Metal.dk?

Hello there,

Since you are visiting the site, we assume that you like metal and if you clicked the link to this page, there’s a good chance that you would like to write for an audience too.

We need someone like you!

Due to an ever growing demand and tons of METAL coming in, we need folk like you to share your opinion with the masses.

You: – have a decent command of the English language

– have an opinion about music

– are reliable in terms of deadlines and can write at least one review per week on average

– are prepared to sometimes review CD’s that are not exactly your cup of tea

– are probably also interested get on the press list and go to concerts in your area and review them

We: – can’t offer you money for your work, only free music and the joy of listening to new stuff before your fellow metalheads

– can offer you influence on the future of powerofmetal.dk

– we are always open for suggestions for improvement

Interested? Send an e-mail to editor-in-chief Wade Reitz and let him hear why you’d be a good choice!

Yours in metal
The Power Of Metal.dk staff