FIST vocalist/guitarist leaves band

Glenn S. Howes has announced his departure from NWOBHM icons FIST, a departure he described as ‘amicable’. He does, however, assure fans that he’ll remain with Fist in order to allow the band to fulfil their existing live commitments. Here follows the statement posted on Glenn’s FaceBook page earlier today:

Fist announcement

I have let the other guys in Fist know that I am leaving the band.

To give peace of mind to promoters and gig organisers I have advised the lads in Fist I will honour any gigs that have already been booked.

To make it clear I am not leaving Fist due to any personal clashes or any bad feeling within the band.

I have been lead vocalist/guitarist/frontman with Fist for 4 years. I had big shoes to fill when I joined. I worked hard to sing the songs the way they were supposed to be sung and keep to the original spirit of the band. I am more than content that I have achieved this and very happy that I was “accepted” by the fans which ultimately is the main thing. Its been absolutely amazing singing/playing all of those classic songs live. I am genuinely grateful for all of the good times I have experienced while in Fist. I will hold some great memories of us playing shows, meeting amazing people, watching mind blowing bands and basically living it up as a rock band should.

Anyone who knows my history and my work will know that I am productive musician. I live to play live, write and record rock/metal music. To me this is what being in an original rock band is all about. Unfortunately I am not able to do the writing and recording side of things with Fist which has dissapointed me over time. Hence my decision.

To re iterate this is an amicable situation. The rest of the band have understood, accepted and respected my decision. They are great lads and I genuinely wish the remaining members all the best for the future.

I will continue to perform so I will see you out there …

Cheers n Beers

Glenn S Howes 🙂

At time of writing this, FIST have yet to make a formal announcement on Glenn’s resignation from the band.

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