TITANFEST – final additions for London festival


With less than a month to go, the final details for TITANFEST 2016 – taking place on Saturday, November 19th – have just been announced. Following cancellations from Hysterica, Huron and Weapon UK, their replacements are: rising Midlands rockers Stormbringer, NWOBHM stalwarts Sacrilige and Birmingham thrashers Eradikator.

We asked Sacrilege vocalist/guitarist Bill Beadle what he was looking forward to most about Titanfest:To play alongside both Graham Oliver/Steve Dawson’s Saxon and meeting up again with Onslaught. Titanfest is a great event most bands want to play and the Dome a great venue, what’s not to like about it.”

Speaking about Sacrilege’s plans for the near future, Bill revealed: “Sacrilege have another tour of Belgium and Holland plus the Malta Doom Festival to look forward to, plus we are hoping to announce very soon a great gig in the summer in London. The band also have the new album to record and release plus a live album. Early next year we hope to a get video out as well. Never a dull moment in Sacrilege.”





TITANFEST has also teamed up with monthly metal night Retribution Alive to provide an additional evening of old-school metal, to be held at The Lounge in nearby Archway on Friday 18th November as a Titanfest pre-show gig.

The line-up for the Friday night will be: The Deep, Seven Sisters, Bangover, Meat Train, Black Crane Totem, bringing the total number of acts for Titanfest to 20! TITANFEST ticket holders will have discounted access to the show.


Festival organiser and Nightlord guitarist Ferenc Collins says, Onslaught asked us to put on an extra-special show in London and I’ve been working my arse off to make that happen for them, especially as it’s a double-celebration for them – the 30th anniversary of THE FORCE, and also the last night of their UK tour with Anihilated and Beholder. For the after-party I’ve had a couple of people scoff at the idea of Metal Karaoke, but then when they see us do it at the Dev and people are singing metal, thrash, death metal, black metal – and done completely unlike any other karaoke night, they soon change their minds. Besides, it’s just another way to celebrate the music we all love, isn’t it? We’re going to have a lot of fun, so come and join us!”

TITANFEST takes its name from The Underground Titans Tour ’92, a showcase tour of the finest up-and-coming underground metal bands of the era, in an unprecedented air of cooperation between bands creating what is still hailed by many as the first underground metal tour. Now, that spirit of brotherhood and unity shines through as some of the most time-hardened bands work side-by-side with the newer generation of underground bands to bring a full day’s worth of aural assault from the finest in old school metal, thrash and death metal around.

Tickets for the main event are available priced at £30.00 and 2-day tickets are £34 excluding booking fees. Get them now from www.titanfest.ukDoors will open at 12 midday and after the bands finish, there will be metal karaoke until 2am. Full details of the festival can be found at www.titanfest.uk



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