The THEORY introduces new frontman – Nicklas Sonne (Defecto/Malrun)

Theorys billede.

The final piece of the puzzle has been found!!! THE THEORY LINE-UP IS FINALLY COMPLETE!!! We are honored to introduce you to the new frontman of THEORY … Nicklas Sonne!!!!!!

Nicklas (or just “Sonne” as he is known by many), is known from other great Danish metal acts like Defecto and Malrun, and we are thrilled to have him on board. As some of you probably know, we have been searching far and wide to find a new vocalist, a new “theorist”, one skilled enough and suitable for our style of music, and not only did Sonne convince us he had the skills – he actually knocked us off our feet – a perfect match – and the match is mutual!

Sonne puts it into his own words this way:
“Theory has touched my progressive metal heart and I couldn’t resist making this album with these awesome guys. Great playing and great songwriting from A to Z”

To give you and idea of his voice, and what to expect in the (near) future, take a listen to his vocal cover of “Dream Theater – Another Day” here:

We are more than happy to say, that the search is over, and the production of the album is already in good hands – guess who? Yes! Nicklas Sonne is actually a very talented producer – so everything is swiftly coming together now. We will keep you updated on the progress …

Welcome onboard to something more than a theory – this thing got real!

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