Rotten Sound unleash second song of new album and announce European live dates

Finnish extremists┬áROTTEN SOUND are unveiling the second┬ágrinder taken form their forthcoming album ‘Abuse to Suffer’, which has been scheduled for worldwide release on March 18th.

The track “Brainwashed” is now exclusively being premiered┬áby the official media partners below.

Metal Obsession (AU)
Rock Hard (DE)
Pitchline Zine (ES)
Kaaoszine (FI)
Thrashocore (FR)
Kronos Mortus (HU)
Metal Wani (IN)
Andfari (IS)
Rock Hard (IT)
Metal Exposure (NL)
Eternal Terror (NO)
Kvlt (PL)
Ultraje (PT)
Close-Up (SE)
Antichrist Magazine (UA)
Zero Tolerance (UK)

ROTTEN SOUND comment: “This song became an instant favourite with all band members on hearing the demos and drumming at the studio. Sami had paid a lot of attention to the riffs, fills, hooks, and flow to keep the┬ásong interesting. The track starts at mid-pace, but goes full speed in the middle part, which also guided my singing. The vocal arrangements are a little bit unconventional as I wanted to avoid having a chorus, but I still aimed for some repetition in the fastest part to grind some more. This massive track shows more variety than the previous song ‘Lazy Asses’ and it has already proved to be extreme fun for us live. The lyrics are pretty graphic and revolve around the topic of brainwashing people to become soldiers for some ‘important’ cause. The words ‘brainwashed to murder’ at the end are underlining the fact that nobody is born to kill.”

ROTTEN SOUND┬áhave previously┬árevealed artwork and tracklist of┬á’Abuse to Suffer’, which can both be viewed below.

ROTTEN SOUND album cover
1. Lazy Asses
2. Intellect
3. Fear of Shadows
4. Trashmonger
5. Crooked
6. Time for the Fix
7. Slave to the Rats
8. Brainwashed
9. Cannon Fodder
10. Yellow Pain
11. Machine
12. The Clerk
13. Caged
14. Retaliation
15. Inhumane Treatment
16. Extortion and Blackmail
On further news, ROTTEN SOUND have announced European headliner shows, festival dates, and a full tour, where the Finnish grindcore legend will be joined by ABIGAIL WILLIAMS and CULT LEADER. For a full list of all dates, please see below.
ROTTEN SOUND admat EU 2016
ROTTEN SOUND headliner shows
18 Mar 16 Vaasa (FI) Hullu Pullo (+Tryer +Veil)
24 Mar 16 Helsinki (FI) Nosturi (+Feastern +Tryer +Kohti Tuhoa)
25 Mar 16 Stockholm (SE) Dark Days of Stockholm
01 Apr 16 Jyväskylä (FI) Katse (+Primitive Man)
02 Apr 16 Turku (FI) Klubi (+Primitive Man +Sunniva)
08 Apr 16 Seinäjoki (FI) Bar 15 (+Foreseen)
09 Apr 16 Vastavirta (FI) +Foreseen

22 Apr 16 K├©benhavn (DK) BETA
23 Apr 16 Tilburg (NL) 013
24 Apr 16 K├Âln (DE) MTC
25 Apr 16 London (UK) Boston Music Room
26 Apr 16 Antwerp (BE) Kavka
27 Apr 16 Paris (FR) Glazart
28 Apr 16 Lausanne (CH) Le Romandie
30 Apr 16 Brescia (IT) Circolo Colony
01 May 16 M├╝nchen (DE) Backstage
02 May 16 Wien (AT) Arena
03 May 16 Leipzig (DE) Conne Island
04 May 16 Berlin (DE) Cassiopeia
05 May 16 Hamburg (DE) Hafenklang
06 May 16 Rostock (DE) Alte Zuckerfabrik
07 May 16 G├Âteborg (SE) Truckstop Alaska

ROTTEN SOUND festival shows
27 May 16 Baltimore, MD (US) Soundstage (Maryland Death Fest)
25 Jun 16 Kauhajoki (FI) Nummirock Metal Festival (exact date tbc)
16 Jul 16 Trutnov (CZ) Obscene Extreme Festival (exact date tbc)
20 Aug 16 Dinkelsb├╝hl (DE) Summer Breeze Open Air (exact date tbc)

ROTTEN SOUND press picture
ROTTEN SOUND are back and angrier than ever. Grindcore is not for the faint of heart and these Finns do not subscribe to the idea of compromise. ‘Abuse to Suffer’ remains true to the band’s resilient roots, while not falling into the traps of chewing endlessly on an old formula gone stale or not daring to add an element of surprise when fitting the style. What sets ROTTEN SOUND apart from other protagonists in the field is an obvious intelligence that shows in their to-the-point songwriting, arrangements, and subtle inclusion of choice death metal elements in their massive sound.

ROTTEN SOUND were conceived in the city of Vaasa, Finland by guitarist Mika Aalto in 1993, who was soon joined by vocalist Keijo Niinimaa. This duo remains in place as the only original members ÔÇô yet drummer Sami Latva and Kristian Toivainen on bass have meanwhile been steady members for many years as well. The Finns can proudly look back at an impressive catalogue of six highly acclaimed studio albums, seven EPs, three split singles, a single and a live DVD. Furthermore ROTTEN SOUND hit the stages of major metal and hardcore oriented festivals and toured in regular intervals alongside such renowned acts as NASUM, PHOBIA, DISFEAR, CARCASS, MUNICIPAL WASTE, EXHUMED, NAPALM DEATH, and PIG DESTROYER among many others.

With ‘Abuse to Suffer’, ROTTEN SOUND are hammering out an album that equally acknowledges the band’s celebrated past as well as breaking into some new harsh ground that keeps the fire burning.

Mika Aalto: guitars
Sami Latva: drums
Kristian Toivainen: bass
Keijo Niinimaa: vocals

Style: Grindcore

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