EKTOMORF to release new album ÔÇ£AggressorÔÇØ on October 23rd!

Hungarian neo thrash masters EKTOMORF are one of the most consistent forces in the heavy music scene. A band that never disappointed their fans and stood true to what they are: a powerful, unstoppable groove machine!

Following their ÔÇ£RetributionÔÇØ album (which was released in early 2014), another successful headliner tour and numerous festival gigs, the band around charismatic frontman Zoli Farkas now presents its new album. Continuing their no-nonsense philosophy, the title ÔÇÿAggressorÔÇÖ is not misleading at all – in fact this new piece of work definitely is the bandÔÇÖs heaviest and most energetic to date.
Also ÔÇ£AggressorÔÇØ is a return to some old EKTOMORF marks from earlier days, like the Eastern European gypsy harmonies and grooves, which give a special dark and unique atmosphere to the album.

Once again EKTOMORF of course worked with highly-acclaimed Danish producer Tue Madsen, who is a stable part of the team and perfectly understands the musical visions of EKTOMORF.

The band is proud to present legendary Cannibal Corpse vocalist George ÔÇ£CorpsegrinderÔÇØ Fisher with a guest appearance on ÔÇÿAggressorÔÇÖ. Zoli comments:
ÔÇ£We are friends with the Cannibal Corpse guys since a long time. Last year in November I spoke to George (Fisher) about doing a song together. The recent Budapest show of Cannibal Corpse then was the perfect opportunity to meet and record his parts. So I took small home recording studio gear with me and recorded vocals with George in the dressing room before their show. It was fun and turned out killer! The song’s title is “Evil By Nature” and you can be sure that it will smash your face!ÔÇØ

ÔÇ£AggressorÔÇØ tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. I
03. Aggressor
04. Holocaust
05. Move On
06. Evil By Nature
(feat. George ÔÇ£CorpsegrinderÔÇØ Fisher)
07. You CanÔÇÖt Get More
08. Emotionless World
09. Eastside
10. Scars
11. Damned Nation
12. You Lost
13. YouÔÇÖre Not For Me
14. Memento

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